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Epiphany Learning is a Learning Relationship Management (LRM) platform that puts student learning first.

Epiphany Learning is a groundbreaking Learning Relationship Management (LRM) System that empowers learners by giving them voice and choice in their education.  The personalized learning platform manages and facilitates student-led learning to maximize learner engagement, boost achievement, improve retention and promote long-term success.

Learner Profile: Switch from
a Fixed to Growth Mindset​​

The Learner Profile is an active representation of who the learner is - who they are, who they were and who they might become. The learner profile is created, owned and maintained by the learner, giving them a VOICE in their education. Interest inventories, skill assessments, personal reflections and teacher feedback all support the learner on their personalized learning plan.

Built to be Competency-Based

Ready to go beyond the Learner Profile? Epiphany Learning creates a personalized learning plan (PLP) for each learner, tracks their progress over time, and creates a holistic, real-time profile that accounts for strengths, interests and learning styles. The system leverages powerful, transparent relationships between learners, educators and the learner’s support network to maximize the learning experience.

Epiphany Learning is the first and only software natively built to be competency-based. Competencies are not an addition to our system. They are the foundation upon which we are built.

Harness the Power of a

Personalized Learning Platform

Personalized Learning can mean different things to different people. We want to be clear about how Epiphany Learning defines Personalized Learning such as "How to Replace a Torsion Spring". We believe that Personalized Learning is built around three main pillars:

  • Student Directed Learning - The individualized needs, interests and curiosities of each student are the driving force behind their education.
  • High Quality Instruction - Each teacher is empowered to work with students in the best ways possible. Teachers are able to give each learner specific, targeted feedback and support that meets them at their level. Teachers can take advantage of what their students already know and do well and push them to improve in ways that are relevant and achievable for them.
  • Leveraging Technology - Online management interfaces allow teachers and students to extend the classroom space in ways that simply weren't possible... until now.

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