Our platform supports personalized, interdisciplinary and competency-based learning.

Learner Profile

The Learner Profile represents who the learner is. It is an active representation of who they are, who they were and who they might become. The Learner Profile is created, owned and maintained by the learner. By creating a richer understanding of self, it helps learners evolve from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. 

Photo of computer showing Learner Profile screen

Learner Centered

Put students at the center of the grade and credit. Traditional grading is centered around groups of students in a course, typically locked into a fixed calendar of terms or semesters. All students receive the same credit based on assignments or subject standards. We allow students to be grouped in teacher or student-designed learning modules. Standards from multiple subjects can be added to these relevant and dynamic experiences. Each student can have different standards and the expected progress and credit is personalized for each student. 

Goal Setting

Allow students to set and track their own goals, giving them greater agency and ownership of learning. These goals are color-coded to give students a quick glance to see where they are on track and where they might be falling behind.

Competency-Based Tracking

Track students by competencies, create custom groups of any students and competencies from any course. Progress is different for each student based on their personalized goals. Competencies can be tracked in learning sessions and by overall course. Competencies can be tracked as numbers, traditional letter grades, or words. You decide!

Fluid Scheduling

Make complicated personalized learning schedules easy and accessible. See all active projects or sessions in a schedule view. Schedules are customizable by time and day. Easily track student attendance - even on flexible days. Roster students into their learning, or allow them to self-select using a registration screen.


Intentionally designed to fit with your pedagogy. We align to your school's vision, design and language. Define labels for:

  • Grades - For example: numbers, letter, descriptors
  • Units of Instruction - For example: learning experience, seminar, unit, class, expedition
  • Grouping of Standards - For example: subject, course

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