myLC: a Competency-Based              Platform that Supports                         Your Framework

My Learning Collaborative (myLC) is a platform customized for your school’s framework to support personalized, interdisciplinary and competency-based learning. The platform is student-owned and led, allowing learners to set and track their goals while creating greater agency and ownership of learning. Learners can create their own sessions and add their own competencies, and teachers can continuously group and regroup students and competencies into meaningful sessions.

Learner Centered

myLC puts the student at the center of the grade and credit. Students are grouped in teacher or student-designed learning modules. Standards from multiple subjects can be added to these relevant and dynamic experiences. Each student can have a different set of standards and the expected progress and credit is personalized for each individual.

myLC Features

Goal Setting

Students set course goals by competencies or overall credit. Progress is tracked based on a student's earned proficiencies or credit measured against the length of the goal (time).

Competency-Based Tracking

Track students by competencies, create custom groups of any students and competencies from any course. Progress is different for each student based on their personalized goals. Competencies can be tracked in learning sessions and by overall course.

Learning Experiences / Projects

Teachers or students can create flexible learning experiences to capture resources, competencies, tasks and evidence. Workflow allows teachers to quickly review evidence, provide real-time feedback and allow students to re-submit evidence.

Powerful Personalization

Students can carry over progress towards standards from year to year, giving students the ability to remove time-based barriers and teachers and schools the ability to truly scale competency-based learning.

Fast Grading and Feedback

Teachers have access to a variety of grading screens, including the ability to grade by student, course, learning experience, task or submitted evidence. Teachers can easily leave notes for students as they are grading. Students receive a notification on their dashboard letting them know when something has been graded or a note has been added.

Fluid Scheduling

Makes complicated personalized learning schedules easy and accessible. See all active projects or sessions in a schedule view. Schedules are customizable by time and day. Easily track student attendance - even on flexible days!


myLC is intentionally designed to fit with your pedagogy. We align to your school's vision, design and language. Define labels for:

  • Grades - For example: numbers, letter, descriptors
  • Units of Instruction - For example: learning experience, seminar, unit, class, expedition
  • Grouping of Standards - For example: subject, course

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