Epiphany Learning makes personalized learning a reality by reducing paperwork and administrative tasks. Teachers can collect assignments before class starts, easily update grades and assignments in the classroom and make them instantly visible to students, parents and guardians. It also provides teachers with intelligent data and information for parent and guardian conferences at the touch or click of a button.


Epiphany Learning places students at the center of the learning process by providing them with complete visibility and access to their individualized Learning Paths. This allows learners to play a more active role in their education. With Epiphany Learning, students can access their assignments anytime, anywhere. They can even receive text message alerts notifying them of upcoming or missing assignments.

Parents & Guardians

Epiphany Learning facilitates powerful communication between teachers and parents and guardians. It informs parents and guardians about their student’s academic and behavioral performance in real-time and eliminates any surprises. Epiphany Learning provides parents and guardians with access to more information than ever before while allowing them to communicate with teachers in an easy and productive manner. When issues arise, it ensures learners get the attention they need to get back on track.

School/District Administrators

Epiphany Learning centralizes existing lesson plans and curriculum into a central repository. Teachers then easily distribute all related materials (assignments, projects, tests, etc.) to one or many students. By organizing these materials, Epiphany Learning creates individualized Learning Paths. Learners can use their Learning Paths to manage time, complete assignments and provide teacher feedback. An actively growing database, the Learning Path provides valuable information about each student’s learning experience over time.