Reflections Matter!

Having students reflect throughout their education experience is very important in helping them grow as learners. It is important as teachers to teach your students how to reflect. You can teach younger students the basics of reflecting: what did I do or why was it important? Older students can be pushed to answer these kind of questions: do I see any patterns in my work, what can I do better next time, or how well did I do? Epiphany Learning has a fantastic feature that captures your student’s real time reflections as they work through the learner profile and the learning path. Before students can change a strength or struggle, close out a goal, or retake their learning inventory, the application will require them to “Add a Reflection.” This is where it is crucial that students know how to reflect. There are other places in the application that require the reflection. Make an account today and try Epiphany Learning for free to get your students to build their reflecting skills!