Professional Growth Platform: Personalized PD
for Educators

To successfully personalize learning for students,
you must first do the same for those who teach them."

We had an epiphany.

We can't expect educators to instinctively know how to ​implement personalized learning 
without being given the same privileges in their own professional development.

Introducing Epiphany Learning PGP.

With our Professional Growth Platform,
the educators become the learners.

Educators become empowered to engage in professional development that leverages their own learning modes, strengths, skills, preferences and interests. 

The platform is built around the Learner Profile, which represents who the educator is. It creates a positive, strength-based narrative to support the importance of differences between teams and staff, and models personalization at all levels. ​

The Learner Profile includes:

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Learning Modes

Determines educator's desired learning mode - digital, independent, team, lecture/seminar, or collegiate.

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Leadership Skills

Identifies educator's skills and dispositions that help with leadership abilities.

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Strengths & Opportunities

Tracks and measures educator's strengths, while shedding light on areas to improve on.

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Cascades the communication of district, site and team level goals, and allows for individuals to link their personal goals.

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Communication & Environmental Preferences

Documents the educator's preferred forms of communication and study environment.

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Stores all artifacts, which can be reviewed for mastery.

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Creates PDFs that can be uploaded as evidence to meet state licensing requirements.

The Learning Path includes:

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PD Approval

Facilitates the approval process for educators to suggest PD to a coach or administrator.

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Learning Experiences

Distributes to one or many educators, and can connect to educator, administrator or ISTE standards.

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Learning Experience Library

Stores all artifacts, which can be reviewed for mastery.

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Learning Continuum

Allows educators to engage in personalized PD at their own pace while ensuring all requirements are met to move forward.

Additional Features include:

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Dynamic Schedule

Allows users to select courses and seminars and manage their own flex time.

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Course Portfolio

Allows educators to showcase evidence of mastery towards learning targets, goals and standards.

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