Creating a personalized learning app to transform education cannot be done alone. That’s why Epiphany Learning has formed a number of meaningful partnerships. These educational resources allow Epiphany Learning to evolve faster while delivering the best education app possible to enhance personalized learning environments around the world.

Consortium for School Networking CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking) is the premier professional association for district technology leaders.
Supporting Learning & Technology In Education To support learning and technology in education through communication, collaboration, and innovation while developing and sustaining a community of practice.
Maverick Innovation Lab Maverick Innovation Lab, where creative minds turn insight into actionable innovation, is committed to supporting education transformation.
Sky Zone As the headquarters of our Builders of Technology meetings, Sky Zone Milwaukee provides a safe and interactive environment for our learners to leap, fly and soar while brainstorming product development.
Clever Clever leads the industry in FERPA compliance and helping schools protect student information.
Celebrating Humanity International Celebrating Humanity International’s mission is to use diversity and learning styles to build teams, relationships and communications to reduce workplace conflict.
Rackspace Unlike other cloud providers, Rackspace only offers managed solutions. From ecommerce to hosting, big data to hybrid cloud, their specialists architect, run and support cloud workloads 24×7.
Wisconsin Educational Media & Technology Association WEMTA is an independent professional association serving school library media and instructional technology.
Association of Personalized Learning Schools & Services APLUS+ is a movement to advance Personalized Learning as an essential and more flexible learning model to address the ever-diverse needs of 21st Century K-12 students.