Common Core & State Standards

In most classrooms, linking Common Core and State Standards to assignments and learning tasks is challenging and time-consuming. Epiphany Learning links all assignments to either Common Core or State Standards, allowing teachers to report on tasks, assignments and tests or assessments associated with these standards. To benefit the learner, Epiphany Learning presents standards in the student’s Learning Path as “I can” statements.

IEP and 504 Plans

The benefits of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and 504 Plans are real. However, managing their goals, targets and milestones in real-time can be challenging. Epiphany Learning streamlines this process by ensuring that all IEP and 504 Plan accommodations are known and visible to teachers. And because goals, targets, milestones and supporting notes are recorded, reporting the results is easier than ever before.


Epiphany Learning facilitates powerful communication between teachers and parents and guardians. It informs parents and guardians about their student’s academic and behavioral performance in real-time and eliminates any surprises. Epiphany Learning provides parents and guardians with access to more information than ever before while allowing them to communicate with teachers in an easy and productive manner. When issues arise, it ensures learners get the attention they need to get back on track.

Evidence and Fact-based Decisions

Epiphany Learning’s data visibility helps teachers make timely decisions for learners. It stores the necessary information and supporting evidence to make information reporting easy and objective. The data also helps teachers, parents, guardians and students recognize any gaps between a learner’s ability and his or her academic achievement. Most importantly, it positions teachers to make the best decisions on a student-by-student basis.