Episode 018: I live teaching as my doing, with Dr. Jackie Gerstein.

Episode 018: I live teaching as my doing, with Dr. Jackie Gerstein

Dr. Jackie Gerstein’s byline is, “I don’t do teaching for a living. I live teaching as my doing . . . and technology has amplified my passion for doing so.” Dr. Gerstein is the author of The Educator as a Maker Educator. She teaches graduate-level education technology courses in educational technology for Boise State, Walden American Intercontinental, and Western’s Governors’ Universities. She believes one of the responsibilities of the 21st century educator is to share resources, ideas, lessons plans.

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i am ME. Statements
i am innovative. i am passionate. i am resourceful.


What is one thing that makes you unique as a leader in education?
Having courage.

When and why did you decide to be a leader in education?
I witnessed a student who was told his whole life he wasn’t good enough and after seeing him succeed during a project, I realized I wanted the education system to change.

What about teaching today gives you the greatest fulfillment?
Knowing that someone said it made a difference.


Please share with us a simple connection where you feel you made a long-lasting, powerful impact on a student.
I had two past students who had troubling lives.  Years later they both contacted me letting me know how much impact I made on their lives and how they are doing great things now because of what I taught them.


What is it about Personalized Learning Pedagogy you believe will have the greatest impact on education as we know it today?
Creating the best day ever and give students voice and choice.


Tell us about a challenging situation that could have resulted in a bad outcome, but because you persisted — and perhaps made tough decisions, the now painful memory serves as a great lesson?
I was asked to leave a few jobs because of my teaching methods.


What one strategy would you suggest teachers in personalized learning environments apply everyday that would result in powerful outcomes?
Come up with your mission statement.  When all the chaos is happening, remember why you became a teacher in the first place.

Imagine you are standing in front of a room full of educators — just like you when you started your personalized learning journey. They too have fears, worries and doubts as they struggle to find their footing. What are two to three key things they should focus on to ensure success?
Focus on the students.  What is the legacy you want to leave with your students?

What is one thing that makes you great?
The ability to be vulnerable with my students.



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