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IT Director


Parent / Guardian


Epiphany Learning brings education into the 21st century with a personalized system that helps you
learn the skills and knowledge you need to conquer school and prepare for future success.

Learning Style Preferences

Learning Style Preferences help you and your teachers determine how you learn best to make sure you’re getting the high-quality, exciting learning experiences you deserve.

Learner Profile

The Learner Profile allows you to customize your learning experience by creating a personalized profile that shares your personality, skills and strengths with your teachers and peers.

Career Plan

The Career Plan helps you find jobs that you would enjoy or be good at and tells you what skills and knowledge you’ll need to prepare.

Digital Portfolio

The Digital Portfolio manages all your work, resources and documents, so you’ll never have to worry about not having an important document or resource when you need it ever again.

Dynamic Schedule

The Dynamic Schedule gives you the freedom to create custom events like study sessions, group work time or conferences with teachers and send them invitations directly through the system


Epiphany Learning provides teachers with a toolkit to extend learning beyond the classroom,
align authentic experiences with curriculum standards and forge powerful relationships with students.

Learner Profile

The Learner Profile creates an individualized space for each student, expanding opportunities to make authentic connections and create meaningful personalized learning experiences.

Learning Continuum

The Learning Continuum allows teachers to break overarching learning targets into individual standards-based goals that make each lesson purposeful.

Professional Growth Platform (PGP)

The Professional Growth Platform empowers teachers to become masters of their own authentic, personalized professional development experience.

My Calendar

My Calendar facilitates the creation of meetings, pullout groups, challenge sessions and remediation time with a simple, flexible scheduling system


Notifications create a self-contained, documented communication network for contact with colleagues, administrators, students and parents.

IT Directors

Epiphany Learning is a dynamic Learning Relationship Management platform that streamlines
documentation and communication throughout a school or district with unparalleled ease of use
and no additional hardware.

True System & Browser Agnostic Platform

The True System & Browser Agnostic Platform makes implementation and rollout a quick, seamless process with no additional hardware or porting necessary

SIS Integration

SIS Integration eliminates much of the administrative burden. We partner with Clever in support of SIS integration. Clever provides us a repeatable and scalable solution to retrieve classroom data.

Professional Growth Platform (PGP)

The Professional Growth Platform shifts all documentation and management responsibilities for professional development to teachers, freeing up time for IT professionals to focus on other responsibilities.

Learning Continuum

The Learning Continuum simplifies accountability reporting to local, state and federal agencies by tying each student learning experience to curriculum standards and 21st century skill targets.


Epiphany Learning is a transformative toolkit to drive achievement, improve culture, foster transparency
and make each minute of the school year purposeful for teachers, students and administrators.

Dashboard View

The Dashboard view presents school- or district-wide data and updates in a user-friendly display.


SMART Goals create a robust district-wide structure for setting and documenting work towards goals, supporting the creation of both student and professional growth plans.

Professional Growth Platform (PGP)

The Professional Growth Platform re-imagines personalized professional development, creating opportunities for teachers to document and reflect upon individualized learning experiences.

Learning Continuum

The Learning Continuum creates an individualized profile for each student, demonstrating their academic growth, progress towards skill mastery and proficiency of established curriculum standards.


Notifications allow principals and district offices to send messages and invitations to customizable groups of any users, including students, teachers and administrators.

Parents & Guardians

Epiphany Learning creates a personalized space for each student, giving them voice and choice
in their education while ensuring their learning experience meets all curricular goals
and prepares them for college or career.


Notifications create a streamlined, transparent communication network between teachers, students, administrators and parents.

Is your child getting what
they need from school?

Learner Profile

The Learner Profile ensures your child’s teachers and administrators see them as an individual with specific strengths, skills, interests and areas of need.

Built-in Quizzes & Questionnaires

The built-in Quizzes & Questionnaires help your child discover their strengths, learning modes and areas of expertise in a lively manner that mirrors the tech and social media platforms they love

Career Plan

The Career Plan empowers your child to find careers they’d thrive at and determine what skills and knowledge they’ll need for professional success.


SMART Goals allow your child to set and work towards meaningful academic, personal and pre-professional goals, building motivation and self-monitoring skills.