Meet the Epiphany Learning Gear Heads. These education thought leaders advise us on meeting the needs of education both today and tomorrow. They provide us with an outside perspective on the wide range of roles impacted by education and offer objective and candid feedback to ensure that Epiphany Learning delivers the best Personalized Learning app possible.

JANET AGNELLO Human Resources Talent Manager,
Janet believes Personalized Learning is key to bridging the gap between education and future talent needs and she brings this invaluable perspective to the Epiphany Learning team.
RUPESH AGRAWAL Founder and CEO, Zeon Solutions, Inc. An accomplished technology executive and entrepreneur, Rupesh is determined to make a big difference in education and believes that harnessing the power of data and technology is the key to doing so.
CHERYL BAILEY Dean of Natural and Health Sciences,
Mount Mary University
Personalized Learning impacts not only K-12 education, but also higher education. Cheryl helps the Epiphany Learning team make decisions with this critical fact in mind.
BRIAN WHITE Senior Executive (ret.), General Electric A Six Sigma Black Belt, Brian recognizes the importance of teaching students modern day skills for modern day jobs. He knows that Personalized Learning will help make this a reality.
JEFFREY TAEGE Personalized Learning Coordinator, FLIGHT Academy and Waukesha Area School District The FLIGHT Academy is a world-renowned, middle school which has fully embraced personalized learning philosophies. As its advisor, Jeffrey witnesses daily the value of empowering learners and helps us fully understand the irrefutable impact our app has on teachers and learners.