Epiphany Learning Launches New Professional Growth Platform (PGP) to Enable Personalized Professional Development for Educators and Administrators


Epiphany Learning™, an edtech company dedicated to making personalized learning a reality in classrooms throughout the world, today launched the Epiphany Learning Professional Growth Platform (PGP) allowing educators and administrators to personalize professional development. The new platform is a move to address one of the most common challenges facing districts and schools implementing personalizing learning for the first time.

“We’ve worked with many amazing schools and districts, all of which have vocalized the same pain point when trying to be intellectually consistent with both educators and learners regarding personalized learning strategies,” states Epiphany Learning founder and CEO, Laura Henderson. “We realized that educators cannot be expected to instinctively know how to implement personalized learning without being given the same privileges in their own professional development. We’re excited to offer the Epiphany Learning Professional Growth Platform to educators and administrators so they can better leverage their own skills and abilities while learning.”

The Epiphany Learning Professional Growth Platform (PGP) empowers educators and administrators to engage in professional development that leverages their own learning modes, strengths, leadership skills, communication preferences, environmental preferences, and interests. The cloud-based platform is built around the Learner Profile, which represents who the educator or administrator is. It creates a positive, strength-based narrative to support the importance of differences among team or staff members while modeling personalization at all levels. ​

The platform also provides a dynamic Learning Path that allows educators and administrators to request professional development from their coach or supervisor, distribute learning experiences that connect to standards, store artifacts which can be reviewed for mastery, and create PDFs that can be uploaded as evidence to meet state licensing requirements.

To ensure the Epiphany Learning PGP aligned with established personalized professional development principles, Epiphany Learning partnered with several educators, administrators and educational solution providers, including Newline Education, whose founder, Joe Du Fore, helped create the platform’s learning modes assessment.

"Personalized learning has become a mainstream conversation in the context of transforming education,” states Du Fore. “Meanwhile, professional development has been left to its unevolved and archaic ways. We should provide teachers with the same respect and empowerment as we provide our students."

The Epiphany Learning PGP has early adopters that are using the platform to support educator effectiveness, including the Norris Academy, a progressive 6-12 district in Wisconsin that opted to use the Epiphany Learning PGP over a leading provider of educator professional growth. Johnna Noll, a district administrator for Norris Academy, is an advocate for personalized professional development and applauds her district’s initiative to hone the talent and skills of its team.

“Offering personalized professional development allows educators to experience firsthand how voice and choice can impact learning,” states Noll. “Our goal is that by modeling personalized learning for educators, they will be inspired to use these same strategies with their learners.”

To schedule an Epiphany Learning PGP demo visit epiphanylearning.com, call 262-395-4792 or email info(at)epiphanylearning(dot)com.

About Epiphany Learning™

Epiphany Learning is a Learning Relationship Management System (LRMS) dedicated to making personalized learning a reality in classrooms throughout the world. Launched in 2014, the Epiphany Learning Personalized Learning Application is a K-12, student-centric, web-based application that develops personalized learning plans, integrates with Student Information Systems (SIS) and links to Learning Management Systems (LMS). The Epiphany Learning Professional Growth Platform (PGP) is a personalized learning platform that allows educators to personalize their own professional development through a dynamic Learner Profile and Learning Path. Learn more at epiphanylearning.com.