Epiphany Learning Takes Walker Elementary School’s Personalized Learning Program to the Next Level and Earns Epiphany Learning a Major Partnership with NG2


Epiphany Learning™, an edtech company dedicated to making personalized learning a reality in classrooms throughout the world, today announced that its K-12 Learning Relationship Management (LRM) Platform significantly improved Wisconsin-based Walker Elementary School’s Personalized Learning Program, increasing the school’s academic outcomes.

In 2011, Walker Elementary School began its transformation from a traditional learning environment to a NextGen school, a school that embraces personalized learning and seamlessly integrates technology into classroom instruction and design. Eager to take its program to the next level, Walker Elementary School administrators selected the Epiphany Learning K-12 LRM Platform to build on its success to date, while continuing to improve academic outcomes.

The Epiphany Learning LRM Platform, which creates Learner Profiles, identifies goals and documents evidence of learning for each individual learner, was first implemented at Walker Elementary School during the 2015-2016 school year. The implementation proved invaluable as it directly supported the school’s ability to increase its percentage of "College Ready" students from 46% to 76% in just 5 months. And, according to Walker Elementary School Principal, Tracy Fischer-Tubbs, the success was largely driven by a force often overlooked in education – relationships.

“When we first implemented personalized learning, people would ask us what the most important piece was. Our first answer was conferring. Then we said goal setting. And, somewhere along the way we had our own epiphany. It's relationships all the way,” states Principal Fischer-Tubbs. “Relationships trump everything and Epiphany Learning has helped enable this. The Learner Profiles provide immediate insights on individual learners to classroom and non-classroom teachers."

Due to Walker Elementary School’s undeniable success, the school quickly became an example for other NextGen schools worldwide, including the multi-school Assessment for Learning Project (ALP) NG2 awarded to the New Hampshire Learning Initiative. A partnership of the Center for Innovation in Education and Next Generation Learning Challenges supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the NG2 project’s goal is to improve personalization models to drive greater student success.

During an NG2 visit to Walker Elementary School, students shared their personalized learning goals as documented in the Epiphany Learning LRM Platform with the NG2 team. “The students’ clear understanding of their learning goals and the ease in which they navigated the personalized learning platform impressed our team,” states NG2 Project Director, Dr. Mary Earick. The NG2 team was so impressed with Epiphany Learning that they immediately designated Epiphany Learning as NG2’s first edtech partner.

“We’re honored to partner with the groundbreaking NG2 project because it not only moves Epiphany Learning one step closer to making personalized learning a reality in classrooms worldwide, but it’s also a testament to the irreplaceable role our technology plays in developing and strengthening relationships to drive greater learner success,” states Epiphany Learning founder and CEO, Laura Henderson.

A case study detailing Epiphany Learning’s success at Walker Elementary School is available for download and additional information is also available regarding NG2. To learn more about Epiphany Learning visit epiphanylearning.com, call 262-395-4792 or email [email protected].

About Epiphany Learning™

Epiphany Learning is a Learning Relationship Management (LRM) company dedicated to making personalized learning a reality in classrooms throughout the world. Launched in 2014, the Epiphany Learning Personalized Learning Platform is a K-12, student-centric, Learning Relationship Management System (LRMS) that develops personalized learning plans, integrates with Student Information Systems (SIS) and links to Learning Management Systems (LMS). The Epiphany Learning Professional Growth Platform (PGP) is a personalized learning platform that allows educators to personalize their own professional development through a dynamic Learner Profile and Learning Path.

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