Epiphany Learning Personalized Learning Application Launches New Dynamic Schedule Feature

MILWAUKEE (May 20, 2021) – Epiphany Learning™, a technology company dedicated to making personalized learning a reality in classrooms throughout the world, today announced a new feature to its K-12 web-based personalized learning application; the Dynamic Schedule. A powerful feature that allows schools to transform traditional classrooms into learner-directed environments, the Dynamic Schedule gives students more choice while reducing the amount of time teachers spend scheduling flexible environments.

The new Dynamic Schedule feature enhances the personalized learning experience by facilitating student ownership and accountability. It allows learners the choice to select their own classes or seminars, manage their own time, and develop their own schedule based on their needs – all while inviting them to voice their opinions by providing teachers with documented feedback regarding events and assignments. And, teachers are able to manage the parameters of students’ schedules to ensure learning requirements are met.

“Learners are excited and motivated by the autonomy of flexible learning environments, but teachers and administrators are often overwhelmed by trying to meet each learner’s need while completing academic requirements,” states Laura Henderson, founder and CEO of Epiphany Learning. “Our new Dynamic Schedule feature is a unique solution for teachers because it removes these traditional complexities of scheduling, giving teachers time back in their day. And, by inviting students to create their own schedule, our Epiphany Learning Personalized Learning Application now encourages and facilitates time management from an early age, fostering an important life skill.”

In addition to real-time updates, the Dynamic Schedule includes:

• Event Creation: One or many teachers can post optional and required events to learners’ schedules. The schedule automates RSVP management, seating limits, and allows learners to schedule their own time with teacher approval.

• Schedule Flexibility: Learners can choose from posted events and back-end controls are enabled to ensure they meet all educational requirements. A student attendance feature provides check-in and check-out codes to help teachers manage attendance.

• Time Management: Learners can manage their flex-time to best support their goals, meet standards, and complete assignments.

• Evidence of Learning: Events can link to any standard or outcome; allowing for the creation of valuable reports to showcase proof of learning. Students can also provide feedback to teachers about events and assignments.

Completely configurable and featuring responsive design, the Epiphany Learning Personalized Learning Application harnesses the power of personalized learning to empower students and is easy to implement on a large scale. Visit epiphanylearning.com to start using today and call 262-395-4792 or email [email protected] to schedule a demo.

About Epiphany Learning™

Launched in 2014, Epiphany Learning™ is the first personalized learning software application that utilizes student directed feedback to create Learner Profiles™, allowing teachers to generate customized, dynamic Learning Paths™ and Skills Paths™ for each student. Featuring the unique ability to bring technology, data and personalized learning together, Epiphany Learning is a powerful tool that empowers learners and makes personalized, competency-based learning a reality for every classroom. Epiphany Learning, education in high gear. Learn more at epiphanylearning.com.

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