LRM Will Create the Most Dramatic Impact on Learning Outcomes; Helps Focus on Relationships and Human Connection

As the CEO of Epiphany Learning, I am often asked if we are a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Student Information System (SIS). I reply by explaining that Epiphany Learning is a LRMS (Learning Relationship Management System), and usually end up getting a look of complete confusion, with the occasional return of “Oh great, […]

Can Personalized Learning and Common Core Co-exist?

Teach to the needs of each individual student. Teach to the standards. Teachers can’t do both, right? Wrong. One of the more frequent frustrations I hear from teaching colleagues is the (supposed) contradiction between trying to personalize learning for each of their students, and addressing the big, national, one-size-fits-all (their words) standards that seem to […]

What a Learning Relationship Management System is Not

With an increased focus on testing and data in our educational systems, we are losing the most significant factor for success in personalized learning: relationships. In arguing for a new system to address the needs of today’s learning, Gunnar Counselman writes that “We’ve stripped relationships out of schools for the sake of efficiency, making them […]

7 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing an EdTech Product

As a Library Media Specialist, I am approached by vendors and representatives all year long. Most of the time, they have a new product that they are featuring that will far outperform last year’s amazing product. And while I believe that most representatives are honest and most edtech companies are truly “in it” because they […]

3 Obstacles to Personalized Learning and How to Overcome Them

Ask most teachers today if they think that learning should be more personalized for each student, and you’ll get an enthusiastic “yes.” Of course, there is a need to ensure that all students get some of the same bedrock content in each discipline, but we also want them to be free to explore their own […]