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Episode 007: Make it all about the students, with Ann Franke.

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Ann Franke is currently the Director of Curriculum & Instruction for the Verona Area School District in Verona, Wisconsin. She has served as the Director of Secondary Education and Curriculum Coordinator for the Eau Claire Area School District, and began her career in education as a high school English teacher. She has a BA and MA from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Educational Leadership from St. Mary’s University in Minnesota. She serves on the Board for the Wisconsin Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development where she co-chairs the Member Services Committee.

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i am ME. Statements

i am dedicated. i am compassionate.  i am caring.


What is one thing that makes you unique as a leader in education?
It is about my passion working with teachers and students.

What about teaching today gives you the greatest fulfillment?
How we are trying to meet the needs of all students.


Please share with us a simple connection where you feel you made a long-lasting, powerful impact on a student.
I worked with a student that was going through some tough times and decided to try online learning with her. By forming  a relationship with her to help her succeed, and she ended up doing very well.


What is it about Personalized Learning Pedagogy you believe will have the greatest impact on education as we know it today?
Meeting the needs of all students.


Tell us about a challenging situation that could have resulted in a bad outcome, but because you persisted — and perhaps made tough decisions, the now painful memory serves as a great lesson?
In challenging situations working with other teachers, you need to take the time to communicate and listen effectively.


What one strategy would you suggest teachers in personalized learning environments apply everyday that would result in powerful outcomes?
Don’t think you have to change everything at once. It can be small steps you take everyday to implement personalized learning.

Imagine you are standing in front of a room full of educators — just like you when you started your personalized learning journey.  They too have fears, worries and doubts as they struggle to find their footing.  What are two to three key things they should focus on to ensure success?
You have to focus on the why.  

i am ME.

Can you share with the i am Me. audience one thing that makes you GREAT?
I am caring-It is the core of who I am.



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