Epiphany Learning Announces Addition of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Standards (TEKS) to LRM Platform

MILWAUKEE, WI (November 16, 2017) -- Epiphany Learning™, an edtech company dedicated to making personalized learning a reality in classrooms throughout the world, today announced the addition of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards (TEKS) to its Learning Relationship Management (LRM) Platform. The TEKS are now available to all Texas schools that purchase an Epiphany Learning license.

Until recently, Texas schools were unable to utilize the Epiphany Learning LRM Platform due to a state requirement to use TEKS, an extensive list of official state standards. Since the discovery of this barrier, Epiphany Learning made it a priority to add the standards to its database.

“We are thrilled to announce that we are now able to support the excellent personalized and competency-based work happening in the state of Texas," states Epiphany Learning Vice President of Instructional Design, Kevin Erickson. “By adding the TEKS within our standards database, we can seamlessly on-board Texas schools that are interested in competency-based and personalized learning, and can get them up and running very quickly.”

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