3 Ways LRMs Increase Student Engagement

Learning Relationship Management platforms help drive engagement!
"Overall, LRMs provide schools with the best chance to make learning feel contemporary, exciting, and worthwhile for students."

One of the greatest challenges facing education in the United States is finding a way to increase student engagement while also increasing rigor and accountability. Learning Relationship Management platforms (LRMs) provide powerful web-based toolkits for schools and districts to help drive meaningful learning in an active, lively manner that keeps students invested in and thinking about learning beyond the walls of the schoolhouse.

LRMs work because they make the learning process more transparent and systematic for students, providing increased opportunities for access and authenticity within the curriculum. Most importantly, these management platforms transform the way learners think about school and learning to drive both engagement and achievement. Here are three specific ways Learning Relationship Management platforms boost engagement to promote student success:

Creating an individualized space for each learner

An LRM platform account provides students with a personalized learning environment in which they are always the center of the conversation and their outcomes matter most. Features like Learner Profiles invite students to personalize their online space to reflect their personalities, goals, strengths and learning styles. That means LRMs provide every student with a chance to be heard and seen as an individual by their teachers and administrators, breaking down barriers that have long kept students from seeing educators as invested allies.

Most importantly, LRMs communicate to students that they have a key voice in their own education and future, which makes school infinitely more worthwhile. When schools allow students to make learning about their strengths and needs using LRM tools, everybody is more likely to engage and succeed.

Making the learning process more contemporary and lively

Let’s face it: life is much faster paced and dominated by technology than it was even a decade ago. However, the way we carry out learning follows basically the same model we’ve used since World War II. Given their status as digital natives, students are more aware of this anachronistic approach than ever before, and the feeling that school doesn’t reflect the world of today is a major obstacle to their engagement.

LRMs transform education by moving learning to the contemporary digital sphere and leveraging student tech skills to create an environment where learning feels more authentic to the way young people make sense of and interact with the world around them. When learning mirrors activities that students do by choice in their free time, such as using social media or surfing the web, there’s a much greater chance for students to latch onto content and skills.

Connecting school to real-world goals

All teachers know the dreaded question that immediately precedes students disengaging: “When are we going to need to know this in the real world?” If learning isn’t transparently valuable and meaningfully tied to outcomes, even the most fascinating content becomes missable for the majority of learners. In order for lessons and concepts to feel worthwhile for students, they must see how education connects to their own long- and short-term goals.

LRMs increase engagement by encouraging students to set a variety of academic and personal goals and scaffolding them towards setting well-defined high-quality goals. These goals become valuable tools for teachers to show students how individual concepts or skills will be beneficial to their development or pursuit of goals. Furthermore, when students are encouraged to view learning as a series of personal goals and challenges, they’re naturally more inclined to rise to the occasion and succeed than they are when learning is just about “doing school.”

Overall, LRMs provide schools with the best chance to make learning feel contemporary, exciting and worthwhile for students. To learn more about how LRMs can drive student engagement and achievement, schedule a demo of Epiphany Learning today!